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We are a small sheep farm located in the farming community of Westphalia, Michigan just northwest of Lansing. We raise beautiful and friendly Icelandic Sheep selling select lambs, breeding stock and/or pets in addition to their beautiful fiber.  Our breeding stock is registered with the CLRC.  In addition, we have gourmet freezer lambs available every fall.  We have been involved with handling and raising sheep for over 10 years and involved in farming our whole lives - we bring a lot of experience and knowledge to our breeding program.

Our focus is on breeding gentle and friendly sheep with great health, parasite tolerance, in addition to animals that have correct type, true to their breed. Icelandic sheep are a triple purpose breed, used in Iceland mainly for their meat but historically used for their milk and fiber as well.

Coming from a production animal background, it is very important to me that only the best lambs and sheep leave our farm when assessed with our breeding goals in mind.  A far greater percentage of our lambs are sent to freezer camp (ewe and ram lambs) or sold as fiber pets every year because we have high standards and believe only the best should go on to be breeding stock.  No matter how great the flock, no matter how experienced the shepherd, not all lambs are destined to be breeding stock.

We believe a pasture looks better with some artwork in it!  Let us help you add some amazing artwork to your pasture - we love helping newcomers get started with Icelandics! 


Nearly all of our lambs are on the ground and growing fast!  Follow our Facebook page to see lots of adorable photos of these beauties as they grow!  

Lots of beautiful color - let us add some artwork to your pasture!
Reserve your lambs if you haven't already, many are already spoken for!



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