About Us

We have been raising Icelandic Sheep since 2006 and though I would never say we're experts I certainly feel like we have learned a lot about Icelandic Sheep over these years.  From the 2007 VAI Seminar in Wisconsin I attended as a new sheep breeder to mentoring new buyers with their own flocks over the past 5 years, it is always interesting!  Coming from a production animal background and an Animal Science degree from MSU with a large dairy farm as our primary farm focus has allowed me to build good, productive flock with the focus on the quality of the animals.  We strive to breed quality animals that only improve upon the quality stock we gathered from across the country over these past years.  We utilize Barb Webb's Jager lines and many of our foundation animals came from the flock dispersal of Susan Briggs along with others.  We have been blessed to gather some amazing animals throughout the years and it shows in the quality of the animals we produce.

If you have questions about Icelandic sheep or are interested in learning more about our available sheep please fee free to email me.

Thank you, 

Brianna & Doug Schneider

email: schneider.brianna@gmail.com

We are members of the Michigan Sheep Breeders Association and the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America (ISBONA).