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Icelandic Lambskins

Watercolor Lambskin
  • Watercolor Lambskin
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Completely unique, handpainted watercolor Icelandic lambskin, pre-washed and completely colorfast. Technique allows for variation in colors and the white of the Icelandic lambskin to peak through.

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Icelandic Wool Hiking Socks
  • Icelandic Wool Hiking Socks


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The warmest socks you will ever wear! These socks are made completely from Icelandic Sheep Wool with a little bit of nylon added for durability. They are super thick and go up mid-calf. They are dark taupe in color, a blend of brown, black and gray fiber. Everyone who buys them agrees, they keep your feet nice and warm and add some extra padding as well because they are so thick! The local dairy farmers love them and wear them for insulation and padding in their rubber boots. Our UPS man has purchased 5 pair! Care: Wash cold & line dry

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Check out the gorgeous Icelandic lambskins, these are the most popular items we have and they go quick!  We also have raw fleeces for sale; feel free to send an email and inquire about availability.


Icelandic Roving

White Cormo Pencil Roving
  • White Cormo Pencil Roving
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Yummy white Cormo pencil roving. Amazing for felting projects or spinning. Wool was coated and provided completely by our ewe, Danielle. Then it was shipped to Iowa for special processing! Sold in 8 oz bumps

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