Thank you to all of our 2013 lamb buyers!

All of our lambs are sold and we are now taking reservations for our 2014 lambs!  

We also have a select couple of bred ewes available that we are offering for sale on the
Ewe Flock page.  These are special girls and are only being offered because we are trying to maintain a smaller flock.

Take a look at our 2014 lamb page for details on the fantastic sire we have added to our flock from The Creeks Edge in SD and to reserve your 2014 lambs now.

Bud is a ram we have long admired in our friend's flock, Queso Cabeza Farm so we decided to lease him this year to add to our polled flock.  This dashing ram brings a very stocky build, meatiness along with fine fleece.  Bud is a black gray spotted ram who carries moorit and he was a triplet.  His grandsire was a beautiful fleece ram so he will continue to add wonderful fleeces to our polled flock.  We are very excited to see what he produces for us and will be keeping a few of his daughters.  If you are interested in a daughter or ram lamb by this boy make sure you contact us early as we're already receiving inquiries!

Bud, our 2013 Polled Ram

Polled Rams sired by Bud

Lamb Name & Photo
Color, Pattern & Details

Meadow White ewe

Yes, she's white and she's stunning!  Meadow is a star in our polled flock, a ewe purchased from Barb Webb - a Solee daughter, making Amelia a Solee grand daughter.  She's a nice wide ewe with beefy shoulders, Amelia would be a show piece in anyone's flock.  Her mother has a super dense soft creamy fleece so I would expect Amelia's to be the same.  


White Ewe - Icelandic X Cormo Cross 

This little beauty has all the vigor of an Icelandic and a very silky dense fleece.  I expect her to  have really lovely fiber. With added hybrid vigor from her cross I expect her to be parasite tolerant and be a very growthy lamb.


Pint White ewe

This little fire ball, Allie; is out of a matriarch of our flock, Pint.  Pint is originally from a sheep dairy so grows some of our largest lambs each year.  Pint produces lambs with yummy ultra-white fiber (spotting on a white patterned fleece).  Her sister will be joining our flock if that tells you anything!  I'd keep them both but I don't have the room!


Prada moorit spotted ewe 

She's a looker!  A WOW lamb of this year but just another really nice Bud lamb.  This has been one of our nicest polled lamb crops thanks to his nice wide chest and square build.  Prada (a Preston daughter purchased from Barb Webb) gave this girl some flashy spotting and long body as well!


Danielle White ram - Icelandic X Cormo cross

This handsome guy has some light brown spotting on his beautiful white fleece.  He would be an amazing addition to a spinner's flock, as a pet or he could be used on an Icelandic flock or any breed if you wanted some really nice fleeces (but he wouldn't have the huge size of a Cormo ram or strong flavor).  I'm tempted to use him here for a season!


Mako, our 2013 Horned Ram




Mako is a striking ram that had our attention even as a 4 week old lamb.  He was one of our growthiest ram lambs in 2012 and has long, draping fiber.  His parasite tolerance through the awful, hot summer of 2012 on limited pasture proved to us that he was a keeper.  He is meaty, with nice conformation including beautiful wide horns.  His dam was a farm bred ewe who combined milkiness, parasite tolerance and beautiful fiber.  Our goal with using Mako on our ewes is that he will pass on the milkiness to his daughters (a highly heritable trait from sires) and his parasite tolerance while supporting a good build and nice fiber to all his lambs.  

We are thrilled with the lambs this big boy has given us and will be keeping a couple of his daughters, for this reason we are offering him for sale.  

Mako is FOR SALE $500  ---sold

Horned Lambs Sired by Mako

Lamb Name & Photo
Color, Pattern & Details

Asher & Argyle

Chanel Asher - black gray ram

Argyle - black gray spotted ewe

Wow these lambs are growing fast, from one of our milkiest ewes, Chanel.  A really nice pair that should combine milkiness and lovely soft fiber from Mom and beefy build and long fiber from Dad.  A nice combo!

Asher already has a stocky build and longer fiber than some of our other lambs!




Anja & August

Zoe Anja - Black mouflan ewe

August - Solid moorit ram

Anja is already reserved as Zoe is a favorite in our flock, a yearling who produced these fantastic twins.  August is still available - excellent breeding but because he was a twin to a yearling he's on the smaller side - the only reason he's priced lower than the other rams.  He's sure to add wow factor and parasite tolerance to your flock!



Tango Moorit badgerface ewe

This ewe lamb will be all around fabulous especially parasite tolerant as her dam, Tango has needed little if any worming over the past 4 years and her sire never needed worming as a lamb.  She was born a twin but is being raised as a single so she'll be a big girl for sure!


Bella Moorit mouflan ewe

Quite a special girl, her mother is a favorite in our flock and I'm tempted to not part with this girl at all.  Look at that nice wide stance - she'll have a blocky build based on her parents and some lovely fiber to boot.  I'm proud to have bred this girl!

She's for sale - for now!  :-)


Adele Black Spotted Ram
He's a Mako son so if you are interested in adding parasite tolerance to your flock along with beautiful fiber, and a nice wide build - here's your guy!  Act quick as the Mako sons are going fast!

Ace (right)

Adele Black gray spotted ram
This handsome guy has beautiful flashy spotting and is also gray.  He is a twin to a yearling so was born on the smaller side but is growing really fast thanks to her milkiness.  
This is a Mako son so he'll probably have nice wide horns, beautiful long fiber and some stockiness to him.  He's priced a bit lower because he is the smaller twin.  

Lambs have arrived!! 

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