Our flock sire for 2016 is Rusty (FAV RAM M2H 7A); a handsome moorit gray ram with nice wide shoulders and thick, wide build.  He is a triplet son to Susannah, Champion ewe of 2010 AGM National Icelandic Sheep Show and sired by Growlur bred by Alan Leighton.  This handsome boy has given us some beautiful babies and we are offering breeding quality lambs below.  Those that we would not keep in our own flock will be sent to butcher in early October.

Lamb Name
Color & Pattern Price


Chanel Twin ewe lamb, horned Black Spotted  $500


Chanel Twin ewe lamb, horned

Beautiful girl from a beautiful ewe.  Chanel always gives us some of our largest lambs due to her milkiness along with those long beautiful lamb fleeces.  She also passes on her very feminine face and features and you can see that already in Della.  Chanel is an excellent mother and has never had trouble lambing in all of her years and always has milk to spare!  If you are looking for an addition to your dairy flock or maybe interested in milking a ewe for the family; Della would be an excellent choice.
Black Gray Mouflan $450


Zoe Twin ram lamb, horned moorit solid

I would use this handsome boy as a ram in a heartbeat; he's a "total package" boy with meaty build and will fill out nicely.  Love his fiber and color, a deep chocolate brown with reddish hues.  Sure to turn heads in your pasture!
Moorit solid $400


Ari Single ewe lamb, polled with horned sire

This ewe is a tank of a girl from a long line of extremely milky and productive mothers.  This gorgeous girl is a single however, Ari; her mother typically has triplets and does triplets well - growing nice sizable market ready lambs as triplets.  She also gives us a gorgeous locky fleece and Dominique looks like she will be doing the same - her fleece is already a little tighter than the other lambs and extremely dense.  She's a wow girl and will add some artwork to your flock and pasture with that lovely deep moorit.
Moorit Solid $500


Bella Twin ram lamb, horned Moorit Mouflan Spotted Staying Here as a Breeding Ram, he will be available for sale next Spring possibly


Meadow Twin ewe lamb, horned

Don't let her "whiteness" fool you - there are some amazing genetics behind this little girl and she'd be staying here if I didn't already have her mother, 1/2 sisters and a 1/2 brother as a breeding ram.  Her great grandmother was Solee; a well known, extremely productive ewe from the now dispersed Jager flock.

Her dam, Meadow is a treasure in our flock and has nice shoulders, wide rear and a blocky build along with a very soft, dense fleece.
White Pattern color unknown however she will at the very least carry moorit $500
  Meadow Twin ewe lamb, horned Moorit Solid $500


Zoe Twin ram lamb
He's a favorite this year with many friends and family asking; "Who is he?"  He could be your's and he'd add some lovely lambs to your pasture.  He carries moorit and has a lovely gray mouflan pattern (one of my favorites).  He also comes from one of my sweetest but also best all around ewe, Zoe.  I know you wouldn't be unhappy with this handsome fella!
Black Mouflan Gray  $400
2016 Lamb Deposit
  • 2016 Lamb Deposit
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A $50 refundable lamb deposit will hold a lamb for you from our upcoming 2016 spring lambs. Lamb prices range from $350 to $500 and discounts are available for 3 or more lambs. Please contact us to reserve lambs from specific ewes.

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