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Lamb Name & Photo








Celeste with lambs Fauna & Falcon

Fauna, moorit gray badgerface, horned

Falcon, moorit gray mouflan horned

We are trimming down our flock a little this year and are offering these beauties as a complete set, start enjoying some artwork in your pasture with these flashy moorit lambs and their gorgeous mother.  Celeste is a blocky girl with an extremely nice front and shoulders and a very consistent fleece, softer handle with not a tremendous difference between tog and thel.

All are registered and would make the perfect foundation for any flock.  Celeste is primarily Jager genetics and has Solee on both sides of her lineage.  She's a Mr. Big daughter and is out of our treasured girl Meadow.


$900 for Celeste with her lambs


Ariana with lambs

Moorit spotted solid ewe lamb

Moorit spotted solid ewe lamb

Ari is a beautiful, long bodied ewe who always gives us twins or triplets and one gorgeous rich reddish brown fleece on top of it.  This year she outdid herself a bit with twin spotted ewe lambs that are show stoppers!  They are sure to impress and get attention!

Ari is polled and was bred to a horned ram so we'll see whether her ewe lambs will be polled, horned or may have smaller horns or scurs.  


Ari with both of her lambs 


Twin, polled, white, Cormo x Icelandic cross

This handsome guy would make a great fiber pet with wool trending more like his Cormo mother, Danielle.  He would also make a great sire to add hybrid vigor and a nice mix of wool and meat to a flock.

We could band him before he leaves for your farm if you would like him for a pet.  




Twin, polled, white Cormo x Icelandic cross


Oh so sweet and cuddly, I would take 10 of her!  Lovely all white girl who will have amazing fleece and would also have great size for mothering meat lambs that would have improved pelts for resale.  She is a friendly girl and would make a great pet for a fiber home. $275


Elisa with lamb Felicia

Felicia - single, moorit gray horned ewe lamb

Selling these two as a package for reduced price so they can go to their new home earlier (and so I don't get attached and tempted to keep them both!).  Elisa is a yearling and lambed completely unassisted.  Felicia is a gorgeous, horned single ewe lamb with a wider stance already and is growing like a weed.  These two will be a lovely pair and would be a great addition to any flock.  

Both registered.


Dasha with lambs Forest & Fletcher

Forest - Twin moorit mouflan ram lamb, horned


Fletcher - Twin black gray badgerface ram lamb, horned

Dasha has been the epitome of an Icelandic ewe, she's built great, smaller, solid and no nonsense.  She is an easy keeper, lambed with ease completely unassisted, and her twin ram lambs are growing like weeds!  They are fantastic!  Take them as a package altogether for special savings or we'd also be willing to sell the ram lambs individually at the end of June.

These two ram lambs are flashy and sure to add some artwork to your pasture along with some really wonderful classic Icelandic genetics.

$800 Dasha with lambs


$350/ram lamb 

$400 Dasha after weaning


Daisy with lambs Faith & Felka

Felka - Twin moorit gray badger ewe, horned

Faith - Twin black gray ewe, horned

Daisy is being offered as a package with her lovely ewe lambs so that they can be potentially settled into their new homes sooner and before the summer heat.  This beautiful trio will have lovely fleece and the wideness of handsome Rusty, Daisy's sire.  Daisy lambed completely unassisted and has been a wonderful mother to these three. 

Daisy is just a two year old, this package deal is a steal for these 3!  Take them please before I keep them all!



Reserved $900




Single moorit gray ram, horned

This guy had a way about him as of day one and he should, he's a Meadow son.  He's a single but she normally twins and I think she is just taking a year off (she deserved it, she's nearly 10).  He's a flashy moorit gray ram lamb, horned even though his mother is polled.  I had found through my experience adding polled ewes into my breeding program gives me ram lambs and subsequent offspring with the widest horn spread.  So if you have some tighter horns in your flock, this could be your guy though it is early to tell where they will fall, he's priced accordingly. 


Expect him to have a very dense fleece like his mama and he offers Solee and some very nice AI and Jager genetics via Meadow.





Lambs will be available to go to their new homes now if purchased with their mothers or on their own as soon as the end of June.  Discounts for the purchase of multiples.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or for inquiries on starter flocks.