Favorite Sheep Links

Here are a few of my favorite websites:

Liver Testing at Michigan State University - 
When you have a sheep die from an unknown cause or if you are getting your lambs butchered it is a great idea to send in the animal's liver to get the minerals tested.  So many things can be tied to minerals (parasite tolerance, overall health, lambing ease, fleece quality) that it is good tool to use when balancing your feed and minerals.

Voluntary Scrapie Program Status -
This is the USDA Website where you can verify and/or find a sheep breeder who is involved in the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Program.  We have been part of the program and inspected by the Michigan USDA Vet since January 2008.

Maryland Small Ruminant -
A great website to go to for questions about illnesses, disease, worms, etc.

Premier Supplies - Where we purchase all of our temporary fencing and many useful and practical sheep supplies

Michigan Sheep Breeders Association


Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America

Canadian Livestock Registry - Where all Icelandic Sheep are registered

Our Flock Information on the CLRC  See our flock information and all of our animals along with their pedigrees at this link.

Rural Ads - a resource to find local livestock breeders or place an ad

Buy Local & Eat Local - We believe in and practice a Locavore lifestyle.  Buying locally is good for the economy, good for farmers, good for small businesses and better for the environment.  I urge you to research your own path to becoming a better Locavore! 

USA Wool Farms - A National listing of wool farms and wool products.